Rooftop Solutions

Masfen’s Rooftop Solutions, convert your roof to electricity

Today, energy is mostly obtained from fossil fuels which are coal, oil and natural gas. These limited energy is not sufficient to meet the rapidly increasing energy needs, but they also cause great harm to nature and our environment. As the whole world, we have realized the importance of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and geothermal much more clearly. With our “Rooftop Solutions”, we enable you to convert solar energy, which is a 100% clean and renewable energy source, into electricity. And in this way, we help you both contribute to nature and the economy of your business.

Industry can now produce electricity for their own electricity consumption by installing Solar Power Plant on their roofs, with the “Unlicensed Electricity Generation Regulation” published by Turkey EMRA ]n May 12, 2019. As Masfen Energy, we offer turnkey services to businesses that want to convert their roofs into a sustainable Rooftop.

Within the scope of our Rooftop Solutions, we handle every step of your SPP starting from finance, exploration, feasibility and planning studies to construction and acceptance processes.


During the studies, the roof size, roof type and shade elements on the solar panels will be installed are examined in detail by Masfen Energy's expert technical staff then technical calculations will be conducted carefully.


Detailed shadow analysis simulations are prepared in the feasibility studies of your project. Thus, the amount of annual electricity production of your project, the recycling time of the plant and the total cost of the project are calculated clearly.

Project Design

Your project is specially prepared for you with all the details, using the most suitable design and equipment according to the exploration and feasibility results of the area you want to install Rooftop.


After the approval of the project, the construction processes and the mounting of the power plant are carried out safely by Masfen's expert teams. Upon the acceptance of the power plant by the relevant institution, we deliver your project to you, our esteemed investors.

Online Services

You can contact us via the “Online Services Form” to get detailed information about the Solar Power Plant and our solutions and to request a quote.

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