We continue to grow with our projects

As a Masfen we have a total of 106.4 MW SPP projects investment in Turkey and Europe. 16 MW of this project is located Europe. Also, 24.5 MW of our investments, which are included in these projects, are within the scope of licensed projects.

Turn-key Solar Energy

Systems Solutions

We are carring out all the feasibility, design, construction and mounting processes in our projects with our expert teams, and we offer you turnkey services with Rooftop, Ground Mounting SPP’s, Operation and Maintenance solutions after installations.

Our Strength in Research and Development

Thanks to the hard work of our R&D Department, we make your SPP projects more efficient and powerful with MasTrack and MastekShield, which are designed and produced by our R&D team. While our Solar Tracking System provides up to 25% efficiency increase with MasTrack to your plant, we enable you to safely store the electricity produced with MastekShield.

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