About Us

We continue to contribute to meeting the energy needs of Turkey and Europe with our projects.

As Masfen Energy, we started our activities in 2014, right after 2013, when the Solar Energy Sector started to take its first steps in Turkey, and thus became one of the leading companies in the sector. We took part in many projects in a short time with our quality-oriented approach and innovative perspective. We have made significant contributions to the use of sustainable and clean energy with our solar energy projects that we have completed so far both in Turkey and abroad. Our goal is to continue to contribute to meeting the energy needs of Turkey and Europe with our reliable and sustainable energy projects.

Since the day we started to serve, we have completed a Solar Power Plant project with a total power of 234 MW. The 106,4 MW, part of these projects we have completed is our own investment. 24,5 MW of our projects are within the scope of the “Licensed Project” with a operating time of 49 years.

As Masfen Energy, we aim to take part in many more projects in Europe, in the continuation of our 12 MW project in Greece, which is the first step of our goal to meet the energy needs of Europe as well as our country.

We are one of the leading companies in the sector with our Rooftop and Ground Mounting SPP solutions. As Masfen R&D Department, we attach great importance to developing solutions that will create added value for the sector. The leading solutions developed by our R&D Department are MasTrack, the “Solar Tracker” system, and MastekShield, the Battery Management and Storage System.

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