Ground Mounted Solutions

Masfen’s Ground Mounting Solutions, convert your lands to electricity.

Today, many consumption facilities, which have high energy needs, have started to reduce their energy costs significantly by using solar energy. The facilities, which consume high electricity, are able to produce electricity from the sun, which is a 100% clean and renewable energy source, by implementing the Ground Mounted projects.

As Masfen Energy, we handle your Ground Mounted SPP that covers all processes from obtaining the necessary permits to making the SPP installations and starting the sale of electricity. We offer our Ground Mounted Solutions on turnkey basis, using high quality materials in company with our expert staff by blending them with our Finance Solutions.

Along with Ground Mounted projects, we contribute to both your business and nature.

If you have a consumption facility with intense energy needs and you do not also have enough space on your roof suitable for rooftop installation, you can start to generate electricity from the sun with Masfen’s Ground Mounted Solutions. In this way, you can contribute to nature, your company and our country’s economy.

We would add value for our country and nature with our Licensed Ground Mounted Solar Power Plant Projects.

As Masfen Energy, we contribute to both our country’s economy and nature with the 24.5 MW Licensed SPP, which is constructed %100 own equity.

Online Services

You can contact us via the “Online Services Form” to get detailed information about the Solar Power Plant and our solutions and to request a quote.

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