By storing Solar Energy, we ensure that you can use uninterrupted and 100% clean energy.

Mastekshield, not only generating electricity from solar energy, but also storing this electricity is of great importance. The daily amount of electricity obtained from solar energy varies depending on the weather conditions and the season. The storage of the electricity produced for this is essential for an uninterrupted use of electricity. With MastekShield, which is our own design and production, you can safely store the nature-friendly electricity you obtain from the sun and reduce your electricity bills without being affected by power cuts. You can also make an important contribution to a greener and more sustainable world by reducing your CO2 emissions.

MastekShield, a product of our intensive R&D studies carried out within Masfen Energy and with expert academic consultancy, was developed by applying reverse engineering with domestic and national resources. MastekShield is our solution that has been awarded the support of “KOSGEB R&D and Innovation Program”.

MastekShield can be used for residential, commercial or industrial purposes with its modular structure and high current and high voltage support features in accordance. MastekShild, which can be integrated into the system in accordance with the required conditions, is an effective and environmentally friendly storage solution for mainly power outages, network capacity shortage, peak shaving, load shifting, frequency control, arbitrage and self-consumption. MastekShield has stable battery cells that are non-toxic, harmless to nature and completely recyclable. MastekShield, a smart, flexible and dynamic battery management system, enables you to use renewable energy sources, especially solar energy, in a more efficient and sustainable way. MastekShield can be monitored over the SCADA system in all operations, but it can also be controlled manually if desired.


  • Display of current, voltage, power and capacity values on its own screen
  • High accuracy voltage reading, fast reporting and superior balancing ability
  • Smart and scalable battery management system
  • Lighter, long-lasting, safe design compared to conventional batteries
  • Home, workplace, restaurants, schools, hospitals, banks, factories, etc., which need quality and uninterrupted electricity scalable battery system compatible with all scenarios 

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